1. What is my image in my market among customers, repeat customers and non-buyers?

    1. oWhat can I do to broaden appeal?

    2. oWhat is the image of my “brand” vs. what I want to communicate?

  2. Who are my customers and those of my competitors?

    1. oHow do they differ?  What changes will expand my appeal to my target market?

  3. Does my merchandise mix, store presentation and customer service attract customers?

    1. oWhat changes will expand my customer base?

    2. oHow can I continuously evaluate and improve on customer service?

  4.      Do I have the right store location and store size?

  5. What are the “today” merchandise trends?  How can I exploit these opportunities?

  6. Do I really know my competition?

    1. oWhere are they succeeding?  What are the weaknesses I can use to my advantage?

  7. How do I maximize my advertising investment and make it more cost effective?

    1. oWhat message do I need to send and what media do I use?

    2. oAm I taking advantage of word of mouth, customer feedback via blogs, Twitter, other forms of social media?

  8. What are my weaknesses?  Where am I vulnerable to bricks and mortar and on-line competition?

  9. What are my opportunities in the existing market and in new markets?

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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